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Information on Paragliding in Pune – Nirvana Adventures

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Description: Nirvana Adventures is one of the best places for fun lovers and adventure seekers specially paragliding in Pune. It is open on all days of the week, and is the way to flying high; it’s not about aircraft but Para Gliding which is a greater excitement by itself. It is reputed paragliding school as well. Nirvana Paragliding is one of the oldest Paragliding schools in India which offers 2 day and 3 day paragliding course along with pilot courses as well. This organization also offers corporate activities under three categories like Multi activity, Corporate Zone and Youth Zone. This is the place to learn paragliding and join the flying club. They have a team of professionals who are well trained and they take note of your safety and your weaknesses to make your fly successful and enjoyable. If you enthusiast about Paragliding then Nirvana Adventures is the place for your holiday.

Address: Nirvana Adventures, Native Place, Golden Glades, Vadivali Lake, Uksan Village, Taluka Maval, Pune, Maharastra 410415, India

Phone: 9323708809
Website :

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