strengthen your relationship

Being in a relationship isn’t always a bed of roses, all fun and games. Sometimes it can get a little overwhelming too. Going from being an independent, single, self-reliant entity to a bonded, interdependent pair is not an easy transition for everyone. Every once is a while, people in even the strongest relationship, feel the need to for some space. And while the word ‘space’ has got a negative connotation in context of relationships, its not entirely a bad thing. In fact, sometimes space and breaks are needed to rejuvenate yourself and dive back in to your love-filled adventure. And for this we wholly recommend a ‘no contact’ vacation to strengthen your relationship.

Separate vacations or a solo vacation is necessary to give yourself the much-deserved individual time. But if you spend half the time on the vacation communicating with your partner, then that defeats the entire purpose. So here is how having a ‘no contact vacation’ can strengthen your relationship.

Time for self-discovery

Being with someone full time can sometimes lead to one feeling lost or rather losing themselves in the process. While trying to understand and accommodate your partner’s needs, one might feel that they have now started giving more importance to the partner than themselves. If you also feel the same and would like a taste of that self-importance again, then this vacation would be a good idea. This will give you the time and opportunity for some self-discovery. You will be able to prioritize only yourself for a few days and connect with yourself again. The more you stay connected with yourself, the better you’ll connect with your partner back home.

Rekindling the romance

As they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. Some time apart from your partner can definitely reignite the spark between you two. It will give you a chance to miss each other, which doesn’t usually happen when you start living together or even meeting each other regularly. The no contact vacation will make you appreciate and value your time together even more and you will go back craving that time and it will help to strengthen your relationship.

Much needed break and personal space

Sometimes things just get too overwhelming or too close for comfort. One needs a break every once in a while. You can try no contact vacation to just take some time off when you don’t have to consider your partner’s wishes, preferences and just be yourself and do things that solely make you happy. Meanwhile your partner will use the same time to reboot themselves so you both can get back together after a few days all refreshed and ready to cater to each other’s needs.

Building communication and trust

This is also a great idea for couples who struggle to communicate and trust each other. Constantly having to verbalize your expectations can take a toll on the relationship. Similarly, if you’re a suspicious partner, then this might be a good way to build some trust and learn to express in healthier ways.

Dealing with built-up resentment

Long-term relationships often have a lot of built-up resentment, anger and guilt due to unresolved issues. There is pent-up anger and frustration with no release as one is too busy with the day-to-day rut of monotonous routine. This can cause bitterness between the couple. The ‘no-contact’ vacation, then, can be a great way of taking some time off to deal with the built-up resentment. Taking yourself physically away from the person, the situation as well as the place can be helpful while trying to stabilize your mind and think about your and their actions in retrospect. Once settled and sufficiently calmed down, you can then return with a fresh, new perspective and idea to work upon the issues and solve them. This will definitely lead to a stronger and much healthier relationship in the long term.

Embracing a no contact vacation has got a whole lot of benefits when it comes to strengthening your relationship, which is why we absolutely believe that you should try it out every once in a while. So plan it out and see the magic it does for you and your partner. You’ll thank us later for sure!