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Information on Apolo Cinema hall in Pune

Apolo cinema hall in Pune is one of the first few theatres of Pune. This place is without a doubt very reasonable and the tickets are cheap enough for anyone to afford. Since this place is kind of old Indian style cinema theatre it has a lot of the authenticity of that speaks off the golden times of Indian cinema. It is also because of this particular reason that a lot of the middle age crowd visits this place from time to time. As it is close to Pune station people can find their convenience to travel to this theatre. There are a lot of people who like to visit this place via trains and this provision is also available as this place is close to the station as aforementioned. The picture and sound quality is on an average scale and is good enough for the cost of tickets for the shows that run here. Some people who crave for entertainment but have to give it a good thought before opting for a movie in a multiplex can totally go for Apolo Cinema hall. The ticket prices will surely be cheap and one can go and enjoy a movie without furrowing their brow for the cost.

Address: Survey No 549,  near Agarkar Girls High School Near Kem Hospital,  pune Station Road,  rasta Peth,  pune – 411011

Phone(020) 26120550


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