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Cinemax cinema multiplex Pune is a four screen multiplex. It is located in one of the most happening mall of Pune. In these days of rat race people barely find the time to go for a movie one day and then shopping another day. It’s easier to go out on the weekend and have all the fun in the same place which is the exact reasons to why this mall is very popular among the locals especially for the Cinemax cinema multiplex.  One can make a movie plan and go for shopping on the same day under the same roof. They have very comfortable seats; it is evident that without the high level of comfort a multiplex remains just a theatre. This place has all the amenities necessary for a high standard theatre. This multiplex is the perfect place to hang out and enjoy a movie after a stressful week. It is because of the high standards of this place that it attracts a lot of crowd as because they take the movie experience to a completely new level. They have high resolution screens so that you enjoy what you see. A movie watching experience is all about the picture and sound quality as well as the comfort at which you watch a movie, and this place has it all.

Address: Inorbit Mall, Samrat Ashok Rd, Viman Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411014

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