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Information on Esquare Victory Cinema Pune

If you want to enjoy the HOT action, the SIZZLING romance and the SMOKING comedy in your pocket friendly budget then esquare victory cinema hall in Pune is the place to go. This place gives the movie buffs the ultimate movie watching experience at a very reasonable rate which is why it attracts a lot of youngsters who live on a tight budget. It is one of the oldest theatres in the camp area which is kept maintained till the date, so this place has its own story and is perfect for a day out. This place unlike multiplexes is not over crowded at all times as one won’t find the presence of a mall with a theatre when it comes to Esquare Victory Cinema. Although it is only the charm of the theatre that drives the crowd here but it also has such a very advantageous location. You can easily find various restaurants like Baghban and others in the nearby area which is very convenient if you want to enjoy the local cuisine before or after a movie. You also have the shopping street MG road in the neighbourhood which acts as a bonus if you are on a shopping spree.

Address: Survey No 2429,  opposite Kayani Bakery,  general Thimayya Road,  Camp,  Pune – 411001

Phone(020) 26132975


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