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Information on Mangala Multiplex Pune

Mangala multiplex Pune is one of the oldest theatres of Pune. It is very close to the hearts of the middle aged generation as this was one of the only cinema hall in their times and they have spent a good deal of their time and money here so the people here have got a sentimental attachment to the place and plus it features all kinds of movies now so it is a great hang out for the young crowd too. They believe to change with time and hence the Mangala “talkies” was changed or transformed to “City pride Mangala Multiplex”. It has the new style of a multiplex along with the touch of the old Pune. It hasn’t lost its touch as the old craze of Pune but along with time has definitely revived into this great multiplex that provides the experience of a perfect movie watching along with comfortable seating. City pride multiplex in this place has already made its mark among the crowd of all generations and is hence a very popular place for the nearby crowd as well as the visitors to hang out in. it is the traditional feeling that the middle aged crowd experiences here which drives them to watch the great movies of this generation.

Address: MANGALA Multiplex,111,  behind Pune Muncipal Corporation Building,  shivaji Road,  shivaji Nagar,  pune – 411005

Phone(020) 25533468


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