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Information on Westend Theatre Pune

Are you one of those people eager to enjoy a movie the Indian style? If yes then a theatre where the crowd fully enjoys every movie with whistles and hoots would be just the perfect place.  If all you are interested in is the movie and not the luxury of the theatre then Westend theatre Pune brings an end to your search. This place may not have the comfort of a movie theatre in a multiplex but is ideal for a fun time at the movie; this is the place where you get to see the Indian crowd cheering and clapping through the movie if it’s a good one and if it’s not that’s a whole different story. The joy and simplicity of this place creates an ambience which is very down to earth and after all a movie watching is supposed to be fun. You can go and enjoy the entry of every star in the film with whistles and cheers. An action sequence gets all the claps and cheers from the audience. The atmosphere at Westend Theatre becomes the best when the heroine of the movie does the entry. It is certainly a theatre where you won’t just see a movie but also live the movie.

Address: Near Aurora Towers Beside Coffee House,  moledina Road,  camp,  pune – 411001

Phone(020) 26140227


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