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Information on Hospitals in Pune – Healing Hands Physiotherapy Clinic

Description: A clinic and physical therapy centre, Healing Hands Physiotherapy clinic is a specialty clinic with primary focus on treatment of piles, hernia, constipation and miscellaneous lifestyle-related diseases. Being a clinic, it is occupied with all the basic medical needs, starting from general first-aid related commodities to final counselling and after-treatment support. The clinic has well-qualified staff present, along  expert consultation provided, as needed.

 In addition to the list of medical facilities it serves, this clinic also has departments for defecography ( the procedure followed to clean the interior parts of the body and remove waste, and related treatment) and Colonoscopy (treatment of diseases related to large intestine). Along with that, the treatment of ailments related to fistula, prolapse, cancer, pilonidal sinus, fissure and many digestive diseases are also treated with its tenured level of expertise.This list of specialized medical facilities are open for 24 hours for its patients. You might consider choosing physiotherapy treatment for its natural treatment methodology.

 Specialities: Digestive ailments, diet advice, physiotherapy, lifestyle management, pregnancy diets, ayurveda-therapy, body cleaning

Phone No: 098 81 140609, 020-26164488/99, 020-24444442

Address:  Salunkhe Vihar, Mohamadwadi, Pune, Maharashtra

Location Map : 

Healing Hands Physiotherapy Clinic

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