Information on Restaurant in Pune – JAY Bhavani Restaurant

Description : Jay Bahavani restaurant is located at Plot No 8, Nelankar Nagar Near Laxmi Narayan Theater, Parvati, Pune – 411009.  You can contact them @ 020 41527600.  It has a humongous space. They have a menu of Indian, Chinese, continenta . people can trust them for their non-veg they serve. It is very well air conditioned. Staff is generous and serves whole heartdly. The price is cheap and suits all the age group pockets starting from a school or college going student to the working class people in the town. It is a great hangout place for family and friends and has a great ambience. It has a outlet in a very strategic and popular location serving fast food as well. It has many other mouth watering dishes in its menu which can definitely win the hearts and satisfy the customers. They give a fantastic service to the people and convience them very well with their work and taste. Jay Bhavani restaurant is a popular eating place already because it is full to capacity on a week days too and had a lot of crowd in the weekends that a person doesn’t get space to sit. After all, most of the people trust jay bhavani quality and taste and experience it for yourself.

Phone No: 020 41527600

Address: Plt No 8, Nelankar Nagar Near Laxmi Narayan Theater, Parvati, Pune – 411009

Working Hours: All Days-11:00 am to 03:30 pm & 07:00 pm to 11:00 pm