Information on Apsara Theatre Pune

Apsara Theatre in Pune is a good theatre if all you’re interested in is the movie. It will be absurd if you are looking for the multiplex comfort here because this place has very cheap rates for the tickets and draws a lot of crowd who can afford to spend only so much on the entertainment. It is needless to say that this place is definitely budgeting friendly and provides good entertainment. The seats here are quite decent for the ticket price. The residents in this area do go to this cinema hall but mostly you will find groups of guys as audience for the movies here.
In these times when entertainment has turned very high end and stuff these theatres are what are capable of providing to the majority of the Indian crowd. Apsara Theatre Pune is very simple and it is because of its simplicity that some people keep coming here regardless of them being able to afford better places as the enthusiasm of the crowd here while watching an action packed movie is far better than the gloomy crowd in multiplexes, so if you are one of those movie buffs who‘s looking forward to watching a movie and enjoy it to the fullest then this is your place.

Address: Survey No 36/2,  near Salisbury Park Near Seven Loves Hotel,  shankar Sheth Road,  market Yard,  pune – 411037

Phone(020) 24442420