Information on Vasant Cinema Pune

Pune is a very old city in India that is constantly changing and has a whole lot of options in every aspect ad is not behind in any ways for providing entertainment to its indigenous crowd. Vasant cinemas in Pune is one of the oldest cinema halls of the city. This place has a certain traditional feel to it because of which a lot of middle age crowd visit here who most probably used to visit this place when they were young too. They showcase the movies which run in full demand. This movie theatre has tickets available at a very reasonable rate, so you don’t need to put up that jaw dropping face after you have heard the price for the tickets for shows here at Vasant Cinemas. They make sure to entertain the city people who can’t afford to waste money on big multiplexes. The picture and sound quality here are quite decent and the seats are quite comfortable for its price. Generally the crowd on a tight budget visit here often and hence this place never runs out of the business. So this place is undoubtedly relaxing and movie watching definitely takes your mind off work pressure so you should definitely give this place a shot.

Address: Survey No 598,  near Nanawada Opposite Prakash Depertmental Store,  shivaji Road,  budhwar Peth,  pune – 411002

Phone(020) 24458047