This is the first shopping mall in Pune and although small, it is still well received among Pune-ites.  It is a modern shopping space that is built to suit the needs of the urban shopper and has incorporated a contemporary style into all aspects of it. The mall has more than thirty national and international brands. The multi-cuisine food court at SGS mall is a treat for the taste buds. The mall also hosts various promotional launches and events. In this mall a wide variety of restaurants are there like McDonald’s, McDelivery, Yo!China, Pizza Hut, Subway, Costa Coffee etc. This mall is one of the most frequented ones in Pune. Apart from a lovely shopping experience this mall is equipped with fire safety, first aid, wheelchairs and all security personnel are trained efficiently. The lively ambience and the world class brands add charm to the mall. SGS is the place to be – a novel urban space for relaxation, entertainment and a space to pacify your taste buds. The mission and vision of that mall is to focus was on making the reputation of this fabulous shopping mall soaring high.


SGS Mall,
231, Moledina road, Camp,
Pune- 411001
Phone no. : 020-26332865
020- 26332864
Email id:

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