Information on Hospitals in Pimpri Chinchwad Pune – Dr. Khandge Hospital

Description: Dr. Vasant Khandge is Gynecologist in Sangavi.  Hospital is known in the area for its medical facilities for gynaecology and maternity needs. With specialized section and staff to cater to the maternity needs and related treatment, there is medication facility combined. It has advanced equipments to take care of maternity and related surgeries with great care and expertise.

This hospital also provides general medication, first-aid along with physiotherapy. In addition to these, it has an additional section to specially take care of laparoscopic surgeries. As leproscopic surgeries need highly qualified doctors and ultra-advanced equipments to carry out this type of surgery, all such things have been taken care of in this hospital.

Khandge hospital has a dedicated radiology section of its own to carry out ultrasounds, pathology tests and NST tests along as well. For carrying out tests, there are skillful radiologist and all the related machines available to extend services to the patients round-the-clock. This hospital could be used for individual radiography requirements as well. Performing general surgeries is also another speciality this hospital carries. For bringing the best services out of these specialties this hospital promises, it has a good infrastructural support.

Phone Number : 91-020-27280995

Addres: Shitolenagar,  Sangvi,  PUNE – 411027. Maharashtra. India.

Location Map :

Khandge hospital