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Description: Promising to offer high-quality medical services with wide range of specialties, Medipoint hospital has a huge range of facilities. It carries an experience of over 14 years in serving people. Starting from gynaecology, maternity, obstetrics, general medicine to surgeries, there are various medical services like x-rays, ECG, doppler studies, urosurgery, vaccinations, painless childbirth, well-equipped operation theatres along with deluxe rooms for the comfort of patients.

Medipoint provides several packages to its patients to pick from, and there are family cards with wide range of discounts to cater to the medical needs more conveniently. It has a separate department for Joint replacement and arthroscopy. Prospective patients can take consultant schedule online to make an appointment conveniently. The details of the charges and deposits could be easily collected by making an online enquiry, and patients are provided with brochures in order to help them have a good idea about the services and infrastructure of the hospital. In order to have a virtual picture of this place before actually visiting there, one can avail to the service of virtual trip, which is available at the website of the hospital. This hospital has a 24 hours available medical store. Pathology laboratory and provision for complete health-checkup is also provided as required.

Specialties: gynaecology, obstetrics, physiotherapy, radiology, childbirth

Phone No: (020) 67288689

Address: Shivraj Chowk Bhaji Market, Pune Nagar Road, Chandan Nagar-Kharadi, Pune – 411014



SpecialityGynaecology, Obstretrics, Paediatrics

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Medipoint Hospital