Information on Multi Speciality Hospitals in Pune – Ruby Hall Clinic

Description: Ruby Hall Clinic is known to be first National Accredited Hospital established since 1966. It is a charitable trust hospital. This hospital deals with almost all types of medical services, starting from radiology, surgeries, all sorts of therapies, kidney transplant, general treatments, specialized therapies, trauma etc. with its own blood bank and round-the-clock available pharmacy facility.

Ruby Hall has pioneered many health care facilities in Pune like  ICCU, CT scan, MRI, Gamma camera, Cobalt Unit,  Image Guided Radiotherapy and many more.  Ruby Hall was the first hospital to setup introduce Intensive Care and Coronary Care Units in 1969. The hospital is a recognized center for DNB courses in various super specialties.

It is also known as one of the largest cardiac centres and has high-quality advanced medical equipment with shortest scanning and treatment time.

Phone No: 020 2616 3391,

Address: 40, Sassoon Road, BS Dhole Patil Path, Pune, Maharashtra 411001

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Ruby Hall Clinic