Information on Hospitals in Pune – Sankalp Hospital

Description: Sankalp Hospital specifically deals with depression, schizophrenia, addiction and have a very huge list of related facilities from start till the rehabilitation of its patients. They have 16 beds available for their patients including general ward and semi-special rooms to be occupied. They have services to take care of emergency mental health situations that need consistent supervision. In cases of acute psychosis, self-injurious behaviour, homicidal actions, depression after alcohol withdrawal and cases of suicidal thoughts, this hospital has a very experienced team of doctors to monitor such patients.

They provide patient education on dementia, obesity, community talk on dementia, schizophrenia and unichem. They have an outpatient department including de-addiction, sexology, guidance on child welfare, memory clinic open in the daytime. They also have counselling and psychotherapy centres along with psychological testing set-up ending with guidance and treatments on stress & anger management, study habit training, yoga, relaxation, music therapy, and biofeedback. They also offer psychological testing facilities like IQ/DQ/EQ testing, aptitude test, personality and projective tests. There are 3 psychiatric social workers available for 24 hours in the hospital to monitor the patients throughout.

Specialties: Depression, addiction, psychosis, rehabilitation

Phone No: 9823783083, 9850110805, 8149363571, (020) 24440024, 24440023 Address: 1076, Subhashnagar Hirabaug Chowk, Shukrawar Peth, Pune – 411002 Website: Location Map : Sankalp Hospital