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Place description : 

  • Embracing many temples near Pune, Ganpatipule has gone through several developments from the tourism. Famous for the centuries old Ganpati image which is said to have sprung from the soil, facing the west as if to protect the Western Ghats, Ganputli Temple is a pilgrim destination. Ganpatipule is a small town in the Ratnagiri District of Maharashtra. With the development of tourism, a number of facilities have been established to cater to every need of the tourists as well as the devotees who come here on pilgrimage.
  • The temple houses one of the Ashta Ganapatis (eight Ganapatis) and is known as the ‘Pashchim Dwar Dewata’ meaning the Western Sentinel God. Ganpatipule temple timings dictate that the length of a visit can last up to two hours and is open throughout the day.
  • Ganpatipule Tourism has grown in recent years with developments in state infrastruction and availability of more information. Places to visit in Ganpatipule include the Ganpatipule beach which is one of the most idyllic, serene and beautiful beaches in the area, and the Swayanbhu, that is, the self originating Ganesh in the Ganpatipule temple. The area is a treasure-trove of flora with coconut palms and mangroves. The clear waters attract tourists seeking peace and quiet.
  • Places to visit near Ganpatipule are also many. Malgund is a village very near to Ganpatipule, famous for the Marathi poet Kavi Keshavsoot, who lived here. Velneshwar is another village, north of the Shastri River. The village explodes with beauty during the Maha Shivratri when devotees come here to pay homage in the old Shiva temple. The village is nestled in tranquillity the rest of the year. Ratnagiri is another must visit place near Ganpatipule. There are many temples and places to visit in Ratnagiri and the town is known for ties to the Hindu mythology.
  • Velneshwar beach is also a place no traveller can miss owing to the clear blue waters and the exclusive location where one can simply relax away from the busy everyday life. The Jaigad fort is 35 km away from Ganpatipule. The fort was built in the 17th Century and offers insight into the Konkan way of life along with one of the most magnificent views of the sea. The Jaigad Lighthouse is a unique vantage point to view the nearby areas. Pawas is another village that must be visited. It houses the ashram of Swami Swaroopnanand.
  • Hotels in Ganpatipule include lodges, resorts and guesthouses. A well known Ganpatipule resort is the MTDC resort where all travelers can unwind and have a perfect staying experience.

Places to Visit:

  • Ganpatipule beach is one of the most serene and idyllic beaches which is totally unspoilt and perfect for a relaxing vacation.
  • The 400 years old Ganapati idol is renowned as Swayanbhu or self originating Ganesh. It is one of the eight famous Ganapatis and known as the Pashchim Dwar Dewata.
  • Velneshwar, Ratnagiri and Malgund are some of the nearby villages and towns with history and heritage and perfect for day trips from Ganpatipule.
  • The Jaigad fort was built in the 17th Century and the Jaigad Lighthouse gives beautiful views of the Kokon coastline.

Distance From Pune : 313 Kms

Attraction: Ganpatipule Beach, 400 years old Ganpati image, nearby places such as Velneshwar, Ratnagiri, Malgund, Light House

Restaurants:  MTDC Resort, Best Western Blue Ocean Hotel, Atharva Residency, Abhishek Resorts

Shopping : Sea food

Medical facilities near by: Lion’s Eye Hospital, Patil Hospital, Lotalikar Hospital

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Emergency contact : City Police Station: 02352-222333