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List of best Lawyers in Pune

A lawyer helps his/her client with legal proceedings and provides legal suggestions as per the law applicable for that particular jurisdiction. It is always suggested that we should seek help of a lawyer for any legal issues or problems that we come across. Taking a lawyer’s supervision will not only keep you legally safe but also help documenting legal papers for any processes that need to be taken care of. Issues could be like Family mediation, buying or selling of new/old property, divorce, corporate law implementation, criminal case suggestions, annulment of marriage or other legal problems one is facing.

best lawyers in Pune

There are different types of lawyers based on the nature of the legal matter, some of the types are General practice Lawyer, Employment Lawyer, Family Lawyer,  Autism Lawyer, Bankruptcy Lawyer, Corporate Lawyer, Criminal Lawyer, Deportation Lawyer, DUI Lawyer, Inheritance Lawyer, Health Insurance Lawyer, Contract Lawyer, Accident Lawyer, Traffic Lawyer. Lawyers associations or bar association in a particular city apparently have list of all affiliated Lawyers for that city. Lawyer association in Pune, also known as Pune bar association has more than ten thousand Lawyers allied.

If you are in Pune, Mumbai or nearby places, and seeking help for legal issues, we provide the list for the best lawyers in Pune.

Best Lawyers in Pune

best lawyers in pune

Deepak Kharpudikar – He is one of the most famous lawyers in Pune and has been practicing since 1999. His areas of practice are Family matters, Civil, Criminal and Property issues. Since family matters include divorce, he is well renowned as one of the best divorce Lawyers in Pune. Before buying/selling/renting old or new property, he can be consulted too.  He is also counted among one of the best property lawyers in Pune.

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Sanjeev Dudhat – He is counted in the list of best advocates in Pune, has been practicing since 1988 and his areas of specialization include Civil law, Property law, Family law, Criminal law. Be it general disputes, financial disputes, real estate issues, family issues or criminal matters, he can be reached as he indeed is one of the best Lawyers in pcmc Pune. With diverse knowledge on real estate matters and criminal matters, he is also renowned as one of the best property Lawyers in Pune and also as one of the best criminal Lawyers in Pune.

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Vinod Singh Tomar – While you are looking through the Advocate list in Pune, Vinod Singh Tomar is on the top of the ladder for criminal lawyers in Pune. He has served on the Indian Air force for 20 years and started practicing in civil issues and criminal issues since October 2000, that is, post retirement.

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Mayur Salunke – He has vast experience working as a Lawyer and considered among one of the top Lawyers in Pune. Be it family issues, property matters, accident claims, criminal issues or other legal issues you are stuck with, you will be provided with the best guidance. Most of the reviews related to matrimonial issues were resolved with satisfaction and he is well known as one of the best advocates for divorce in Pune.


Contact Number- 020 – 30168676


Asmita Ashtekar – Among one of the good advocates in Pune, dealing with matrimonial issues, Accidental Claims, Civil and Industrial, and Labour matters is Asmita Ashtekar. If you are seeking help and looking for good divorce lawyers in Pune, do get in touch and get started with the solution for your legal problem.

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Contact Number– 020 – 30167999


Seema Hande – Seema Hande is well renowned among Pune Lawyers and specializes in corporate law, criminal law and property matters. So if you are hunting for property lawyers in Pune or criminal Lawyers in Pune, it is one of the best options for you. Professional and timely case completions are one of the best features of advocate Seema Hande, rendering her a place amongst the best Lawyers in Pune.

Contact details–

Contact Number9766931235


Manoj Joshi – Advocate Manoj Joshi is known among the list of best Lawyers in Pune, and he is a part of the Joshi Law firm. Joshi Law firm has been handling cases for Honorable High Court of Gujrat and now it is known as one of the best Law firms in Pune (also known as Legal Firms in Pune). Their specialization includes Civil Law, Family law, Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Property matters and many more. If you are looking for Advocates for divorce in Pune or looking for marriage in Pune under Hindu marriage act, special marriage act, they can guide you like no other. Even some of the best criminal Lawyers in Pune are part of the Joshi Law firm. Their expertise is not just limited to individuals, but they are also specialized in corporate law. Their firm in Pune provides a variety of services for their client as per necessity. It needs reiteration that some of the best corporate Lawyers in Pune are part of Joshi Law firm.

Contact details –

Contact Number – 9825200110


Nilesh Angad Chaudhari – Among the best advocates in Pune and specialized in Civil Law, Accident claims, Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, and Property Law. For family and divorce related issues, look no further than Mr. Chaudhari as he is well known as one of the best Family Lawyers in Pune.

Contact details–

Contact Number– 020 – 30168682


Benchmark law firm – This firm in the list of top Law firms in Pune, specializing in Divorce Law, Corporate Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Property Law, Industrial & Labour Law, Matrimonial Law, Accident Claims and many more. Apart from the renowned lawyers who work there, they are famous as one of the best corporate Law firms in Pune. Timely completion, catering to every case deeply and professionally, providing support at all time for the clients are some of the positive features of this firm. For marriage related issues, if you are searching for best divorce Lawyers in Pune or for any advice for other legal matters, you can expect good service from this Law firm in Pune.

Contact details–

Contact Number– 020- 30168242


C.S. Shinde – He is one of the best Lawyers in Pune having expertise in Family law, Civil Law, Medical negligence issues, Consumer Law, Corporate law and many more. He is well known as one of the best immigration Lawyers in Pune helping clients with their visa related issues.

Contact details–

Contact Number– 020 – 24455543

best lawyers in pune

It is always suggested that seeking help of a Lawyer for any consultation or any queries is always better than to get into some unwanted legal issues. The above list of best Lawyers in Pune is chosen according to the reviews and it is your responsibility to choose the Lawyer according to your necessity.

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