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Lesbian wedding

Lesbian Wedding – Pros and Cons to Consider

Until a few years back, marrying a person of the same sex was taboo and this union was not acknowledged legally. People belonging to the LGBTQ community were not accepted by the society and have fought hard to make a place for themselves. Today, many countries have legalized same sex marriages while some are still …

diamond discovery

5 Most Amazing Incidents of Diamond Discovery By People

Diamonds were first discovered somewhere between 4 and 6 B.C. but have been under the Earth’s surface for billions of years. It is only in the mid 1800 that diamonds started being professionally mined after a series of interesting discovery in the country of South Africa. These discoveries led to the establishment of the De …

Preparing for Stargazing

Preparing for Stargazing – Here is how to Begin

The acquisition of your first telescope is a momentous occasion, and you’ll probably want to use it right away by taking it outside on the first night. With a telescope, you can see many spectacular things in the night sky that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. But it might be intimidating to use a …

Trip from Pune to Amsterdam

Tips for your Trip from Pune to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the city of colour, classic art and history about the Dutch culture and human civilisation. This is not all about it. The city is surrounded by the iconic tourist attraction. The city on the bucket list of thousands of travellers across the globe. Many of them want to experience Dutch culture, visit city …

Adult Dating is Booming in Pune

How is Adult Dating is Booming in Pune?

Last year, Supreme Court decriminalised consensual same-sex relations and adultery. This pushed the dating scenario in Pune and all over India up a notch. Also, many free adult dating websites and dating apps have begun taking interest in the Indian dating market. There are some dating apps that are making big of Pune’s market and …

Top Ten Places for Office Outing Near Pune

Top Ten Places for Office Outing Near Pune

Office outings are a great way to get together with your team and build great rapports with your colleagues. Team outings are a proven way to improve communication with your colleagues, it promotes creativity by making one analyse the situation at hand and creates room for innovation. Office outings are fun while improving one’s problem …