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Jain Temples in Pune

Jain Temples in Pune- Katraj Jain Temple

Katraj Jain temple is located on Bangalore-Pune Highway, Katraj, Pune and is also known as Aagam temple. It is one of the famous Jain temples in Pune and also a must visit place for locals in Pune. It is located in high hill top but roads and nearby environment is safe and clean. However, choosing …

work from home options

Work from home options part time or full time

The burgeoning technology has created a new spark for working from home options which provides multiple benefits to the people who look for part time or full time work from home options. Although, working from home and working from an office, both has some advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a look into the pros and …

best pet shops in pune

List of best Pet Shops in Pune

Why pets are important Pets are known for their veracious nature; they are treated as the best confidante for human beings. Over the past 2-3 decades, pets have become an inevitable part of many of our lives. The main reason being, the arduous life and work environment. Social interaction has decreased significantly as people are …

best dentist in Pune

List of Best Dentist in Pune

Among the various ailments a man can suffer from, dental pain is one of the most excruciating, though often ignored at first. One must be aware of a few basic dental care tips if a good clinic is not available anywhere. However,  not to be taken lightly, one must keep a list of best dentists …

best pubs in Pune

List of Best Pubs in Pune

Have a long weekend? Friends in town? Want to go partying and pub-hopping? The search ends here! There are a number of places in Pune to hangout if you are with your friends or significant other, may it be quiet romantic gardens, serene hill-tops or pubs and discs, if you are a party person. Some …

Best places for couples in Pune

Best Places for Couples in Pune

Young couples find it a challenge to hang out with their significant other away from the prying eyes of their relatives or neighbours. Dark alleyways are no longer safe for there is always a “mami” or “chachi” on the lookout and reports take no longer than a brisk phone call to the “guity’s” parents. Even …