facts about Dodger stadium

Sports is an excellent source of revenue for any country irrespective of its culture and locations. Desire for entertainment is built into the human nature. Fascination is a very potent element that drives us to greatness. Without curiosity and desire for joy, we as a species would have gone extinct long time ago. Back in the ancient times, all civilizations engaged in acts of sports. The Roman Empire had the Colosseum where Gladiators engaged in bloody assaults. Similarly, there are many examples that can be extracted from ancient history signifying how sports has always been something the human species has been fond of. With the advent of technology and the inevitable progression of civilization, different sports came into existence and they boomed in popularity in regions where they were more fondly watched. For instance cricket increased in popularity in Asia while football continued to grow to grotesque proportions in Europe and South America. In America, American Football and baseball won the hearts of the public. Baseball is a very popular sport in the United States of America. Dodger Stadium is basically a baseball stadium situated in Los Angeles. This article will explore some facts about Dodger stadium which will help you to know about the stadium.

The cost of charm

Constructing a stadium is an exceptionally arduous task that can’t just be planned and led to completion in a few days. It takes years and countless workers to complete its construction. The dodger stadium was first opened in 1962 and was completed in three and a half years. Now this is really impressive given how vast the stadium is. The financial cost in 1962 was US $23 million which is an eye watering sum whichever way you look at it. Investing so much more than 60 years ago is even more impressive and this statistic is a testament to the dedication of the owners. Constructed from tons of concrete, the stadium itself spans a vast area with adequate seating. Surprisingly, the seating was never upgraded since it was first constructed. It has stayed fixed at 56,000 due to a contractual limitation.

Significance of the games hosted

Home to the Los Angeles Dodgers, several significant games have been hosted in this stadium. According to facts about Dodger stadium, the stadium is the biggest baseball stadium according to capacity. It has hosted several major games including knockout games and finals. Interestingly, the stadium has hosted other games as well including the 1984 summer Olympics. Now that is a privilege that has not been bestowed upon many other stadiums. Thanks to numerous advancements, it is quite simple to get tickets for a Dodgers game given how streamlined the process is and how all work flow has been digitized.

Consistent renovations

The Dodger stadium has underwent several renovations with time. To succeed on this planet, one has to constantly improve themselves to stay up to date. The world is progressing at the speed of light due to limitless advancements in the era of technology. Companies that did not keep themselves up to date collapsed and faded away. Gigantic conglomerates like Blackberry and HTC have met their demise due to their stubbornness when it came to changing their ways. However, if we look at the facts about Dodger stadium, we do see that the owners constantly upgraded the general outlook of the stadium. The most notable renovation occurred in 2005 and since then renovation projects have been carried out often given the cut throat nature of the business.


The Dodgers stadium is a class leading example of a stadium built to last and maintenance done right. Located in Los Angeles, the frequent renovations have resulted in very tasteful upgrades making the stadium quite an attractive place to visit for anyone who wants to witness live sports. The seats are comfortable the stadium brims with technology. Make sure to check it out!