work from home options

working from home options

The burgeoning technology has created a new spark for working from home options which provides multiple benefits to the people who look for part time or full time work from home options. Although, working from home and working from an office, both has some advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a look into the pros and cons of working from home before we dive into the various options for work from home, be it part time or full time.

Pros of work from home options-

  • Work from home provides more flexibility to the employees by working at their own convenience.
  • Reduces stress, as the employee can manage both family and work together.
  • Great savings of time and money, as it straight away saves your valuable time required to commute to office and the expense involved in travelling.
  • If working as a freelancer, you can work for multiple clients/projects at the same time. Thus, more income by using same amount of time and that is the reason why freelancing is proliferating quickly as a method of making money by working from home be it students, housewives, and even adults who are tired of full time jobs.
  • Working from home pays you often more than full time jobs as you directly work with the clients and per hour billing is directly paid to you.
  • Creates more zeal for employees as you can convert your hobbies into work which will pay you directly. For example, a person who likes painting, singing or has any other hobby can work as a freelancer for small ads which will generate quick money. People often need logos for their websites, a rap song to be placed on the videos and many more.

Cons of work from home options-

  • If not done seriously, this can lead to inefficiency. As clients will not be able to track your work directly, so over the time seriousness declines.
  • Quality is also compromised when the work is delegated to some other peers or a team who can do that work for cheap prices. Clients can never track the person who has actually done the work.
  • There is sometimes a risk of payment for both employees and employers. It is applicable both ways; either the employee could not complete the task after advance payment or the employer refuse to pay once the work is done. Authentic and genuine working relationship needs to be established.
  • In case of too much of personal responsibilities, that would impact work and the deadlines.
  • Lack that enthusiasm of working in a team.
  • Gradually the person becomes insipid due to lack of physical activity which exacerbates further health issues.

Nevertheless, it is always necessary to avoid fraudulent work from home jobs which are often called as survey filling jobs, data entry jobs from images to word documents, and jobs which needs you to pay for a registration fees. We will shortly enlist some of the best work from home options without investment or paying any fees. Moreover, basic computer skills along with the dedication can inundate you with load of work. So now let’s quickly leap into the various work from home options without investment


1) Freelancing job portals

work from home options

Clients post their projects on various freelancing portals and people bid on those jobs. Once you complete the job, client sends the payment and provides you with a feedback which helps you to get other projects. There are many freelancing portals where you can register and start bidding for jobs. The portals will deduct some commission from your final payment from the client and rest is stored in your account. You can choose to withdraw amount when reaches a threshold amount for example, $50. It is better that you withdraw money, when you save at least a handsome amount of money in your account. The best online job portals are Jobnearn, Upwork, Fiverr, Elance, Worknhire and many more.

How to use these portals to earn money from home-

Register in the portals, fill in all details and add the required skills which you think you can work on the projects. Ensure you check client’s feedback and ratings before you apply for a job on these portals because some of the fraud jobs are also posted here.


2) Blogging

work from home options

Blogging is another platform through which you can share your ideas and earn as well. Now, the big question, how to earn from blogging? Well, to answer it, let’s consider a person who can provide health and beauty tips very well. Open a free blog just to start with and then migrate it to your own website when it grows over the time. There are many ways to earn from a blog, like- adsense, affiliate sales, displaying content of other portals as advertisements, local ads, selling blog pages, and many more. However, it definitely takes time and efforts to attract enough visitors, but on the other hand you get a long term earning from that blog. Just as a novice you can create your free website on wordpress, weebly, blogspot and many more places. Once you get enough visitors, migrate to a full domain and hosting on your own name. There are other options if you don’t get an adsense account, like chittika, and many more.


3) Youtube-

work from home options

You can create an account on youtube and create your own channel. Create some awesome videos and upload on youtube. Once you get enough visitors, you can apply for a hosted google adsense account and use those ad codes on the videos. Once you get clicks on the ads while displaying the videos, you earn!!! Create funny and knowledge sharing videos and earn for a lifetime.


4) Online tutoring portals

work from home options

If you can teach any level students from Std 1 till college; you can make use of online tutoring portals like Tutorvista. While filling up the registration form, ensure you provide complete details like which standards and subjects you can teach. Accordingly your interview will be scheduled and once selected you are all set to teach students online. Online writing pads and few more equipment would be needed once you are selected. Most of the authentic portals do not charge any registration fees to the members and we would also request you to double check regarding any such portals asking for registration fees of any kind.


5) Online shops

work from home options

If you have some special hobbies or interests in arts and crafts, you could design your own products at home and open a shop with ecommerce sites to deliver those products directly. In case of amazon, they will pick up the product from your place and deliver it to the customer. So, this could become one of the best options if you have enough resources at home and time where you can spend to sell something to the customers.

6) Earning through slideshare

work from home options

If you are a vivid writer and you are confident that your book will get many audiences, you can create first few pages as sample and keep the whole book as paid on slideshare. Share the product url on social media to grab more attention. Even, you can create simple help books and sell it for some cheap prices. For example, you created a simple ebook of 50 pages worth providing some information on beauty tips or cooking tips for some recipes, and kept the price as $0.5 on slideshare. If 100 people buy, you earn $50. Moreover, it will be sold over the time and keep creating as many books as possible and sell it on cheap prices. Refrain from selling already published materials, and always abide the law. One of the countable work from home options for you.