Information on Restaurants in Pune – Rajdhani Thali Restaurant

rajadhani 1

Description : Rajdhani thali has many food items to offer you and the quantity is good, but when it comes to quality it is disappointing, somewhere you don’t get that taste that we find in the food. They offer Guajarati and Rajasthani food but fail to get the magical flavour off Rajasthan and Gujarat though they have vide option to offer such as Lot of panner, Daal and other sweet dish.. The restaurant has decent crowd, though it’s not packed.  The ambience is good if not marvellous, once you enter the restaurant you are treated in the traditional Rajasthan way, the service offered was good the staff are polite and on their feet to assist and help the customer. If you are hungry and want to eat stuff just to satisfy your hunger then you can visit this place but if you want to have some delicious food then this place is not recommended. The food is very oily and one reason to visit this place is only Aam Ras, which is tasty but seasonal so you have to wait for mango to come to drink that. Overall not worth spending your money for food as it doesn’t have flavour of the traditional savour. Phone No: 020 6689 0453/ 09920805191 Address: 2nd floor, Phoenix Market city. Viman Nagar. Pune Working Hours: 11:30 AM-3:30 PM. 7:30 PM-11 PM.