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Saras Baug is one of the most famous gardens in Pune and is named after the Saras bird. This place was once a small lake which got dry. After the lake got dry, the park which was built with an area of 25 acres is now known as Saras Baug. The picturesque landscape of the garden is sort out by tourists as well as residents of the place. In addition to being a beautiful park with abundant natural beauty, the Saras Baug is very famous for its Sarasbaug Ganapati temple that resides in the garden where the deity Shree Sidhivinayak is worshipped. The temple is also known as Talyatla Ganapati temple and is visited by people from far and wide. The construction of this temple began in 1750 under Sawai Madhavrao Peshwa as well as Mahadj Shinde who belonged to the Maratha confederacy. The temple was completed in the year of 1784. The temple in this garden is thus accorded great importance as it is a landmark of historical significance. This park is also one of the attractions of joggers and those who lone morning walks. People of all age groups enjoy what this garden has to offer. It is also quite an attractive place for couples.


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