Information on Hospitals in Pune – Dr Tekawade Eye Clinic and Lasik Centre

Description: Specialization in Laser/Lasik eye operation for eye-power number reduction, Tekawade Eye Clinic carries out multiple eye-related medical treatments. This clinic is occupied with advanced and latest eye-operating technology and equipments like Phaco Emulsification to treat cataract, foldable and multifocal intra-ocular implant.

Their list of medical services for the eyes is long, that includes comprehensive total eye-care provided to the patients, in addition to special focused treatments for glaucoma patients. Cataract phacoemulsification, laser for retinoplasty of the diabetic cases are few more services that this hospital carries out under one roof. They hail having specialised team for all eye-care departments, along with a good number of experienced surgeons mastering in their respective fields.

In addition to these, the hospital carries out lens implantation in eyes and C3R procedures for corneal keratoconus. Cataract operations are done without stitches and laser operation for diabetic and glaucoma patients is done with expertise. The hospital also fits artificial eyes and does cosmetic surgery of the eyes as required. This hospital is functional on all days accept sundays, and has provided many contacts for the ease of patients in case of any queries related to the hospital or services they offer.

Specialties: Eye care, stitchless cataract operation, artificial eye, eye-cosmetic surgery

Phone Number:91-020- 24268628 / 24268698

Addres: 814, Mukund Nagar, Krishna Chambers, Off Pune Satara Road, Near Laxmi Narayan Theatre, Swargate, Pune – 411 037



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Tekawade Eye Clinic