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Live chatting means when someone talks to another or others online. This communication can be through short text messages, audio calls or video calls. This happens in real-time hence it is called live chatting. Live chatting has changed lives. Earlier it used to be quite expensive but these days there are many apps that allow you to use it for free. With this, comes both negatives and positives as relationships become more virtual than real. Read on know more.

  • One of the positives of live chat is that it helps us to keep in touch with relatives who live in a different city or country. Emails and normal text messages aren’t in real-time. You write an email and then have to wait for a response. The response may come immediately, today, tomorrow or a week later. You cannot control or change that. Similarly, text messages through phone may not have a real-time response. But with live chats, you can quickly receive responses. Because both parties are on the same app, you can use it for normal spoken conversation.
  • With video added to live chats, you can also see your loved ones when you live far away. You are looking at them in real-time and you can talk to them while being able to see them. You can also show them things. Like showing your sister, the new dress you bought. It brings people closer even though they are physically apart.
  • Couples can also use video chats or calls to keep their romantic spark alive. They can indulge in virtual sex or cybersex to satisfy their physical needs. This is always better than boring phone calls as the physical aspect is important in any romantic relationship. This strengthens the sense of intimacy.
  • Men looking for erotic pleasure can use live cam sites to find the perfect match. It enables women to legitimately earn their living and men can find their pleasure through the best webcam sites. Women known as cam girls offer a variety of services online for payments. This ensures the safety of the woman and the men who use this service.
  • Then there are professional relationships that benefit a lot through live chats. For example, a business will benefit through live chat customer care. This way, a customer can quickly get a resolution and it will enhance the feeling of satisfaction for them. Business owners can also get virtual workers or virtual assistants to help them. They can keep in touch constantly through live chats and have real-time meetings through video calls or video conferencing.
  • Live chats have led to the advent of online dating. Single men and women can chat through dating apps and find potential romantic partners. People can find relevant communities for their interests and make friends through live chatrooms.

The above are the positive ways live chats can affect relationships. However, there are downsides to it as well.

  • With live chats, there is a chance that people may want to avoid real-life interactions completely as they are getting what they want from online interactions. There was a movie that came out a while back. In this real people would stay home and their android selves would go out into the world. This movie pointed out the negative effects of this. Live chatting could also fuel this. Especially for those who struggle to socialise in real life. Live chats give them the safety of interacting behind a profile picture. And hence they may never make an effort to find real-life friends.
  • One of the most common negative aspects of live chat is cheating. Cheating is very real and it’s difficult to catch when it happens in the virtual world. In fact, some may not consider a virtual dalliance as actual cheating. So, this needs to be addressed appropriately.

Live chatting has changed the way we take and manage relationships. There are both pros and cons of it and it needs to be managed individually.

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Tanya Sehrawat

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