Trip from Pune to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the city of colour, classic art and history about the Dutch culture and human civilisation. This is not all about it. The city is surrounded by the iconic tourist attraction. The city on the bucket list of thousands of travellers across the globe. Many of them want to experience Dutch culture, visit city n weekends to explore fantastic infrastructure, tulip chasers etc. It is an extremely tourist-friendly destination in the world.

If you are planning a trip from Pune to Amsterdam you must read out the list of travel tips. These tips have been vetted by local Amsterdam residents which can be helpful in navigating through the city. These tips can be helpful in exploring the city better, travelling will be cheaper and you will get to enjoy the best time in the city.

Before you begin your trip from Pune to Amsterdam, you must start with essentials and you must know about them before you get to Amsterdam

  • Language: Dutch
  • Time zone: GMT +1
  • Country code: +31
  • Currency: Euros
  • Socket: Type C and F

Travel Tips 101 for Amsterdam for First-Timers

Best Time to Travel Amsterdam

The best time to visit Amsterdam is from April to May, Spring. It is the Tulip season and the weather is perfect. Weather is idyllic in the months of September to November especially if you are planning to explore the countryside and canal. There is less number of tourists to contend with. For summer festivals and music concerts, the months of June to August are considered to be best for a fun time.

If you are planning a trip from Pune to Amsterdam, you must lookup for cheap airfares. In winters, airfares are cheap and there are very few tourists and so you might have ample time to explore the city’s popular attractions.

There are a plethora of things do in Amsterdam and you must plan them in advance before leaving for the trip

  • Blooming of Tulips in April and May

The best time to view the flowers in their complete glory is in Spring months of April and May when every stock of photographs features tulips. The Keukenhof Gardens can be the best place and witness the blooming of tulip clad. You can rent the bike and explore the nearby fields filled with the glory of flowers.

  • Don’t caper along the canals while cruising

The canals of Amsterdam date back in the 17th century and the now entire area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The picturesque landscape can be explored in an enjoyable way by taking a canal cruise. It is advised to keep your belongings handy on a boat and avoid losing any object. If you are slightly tipsy, avoid taking a path to the canal in the night.

  • Look for Cheaper yet Authentic Stay

You can taste the living of how locals stay in the city by moving further away from the centrum. The central area of Amsterdam is the heavily packed neighbourhood and expensive place to stay in.

  • Cycles only for Bike Lane

If you are looking for a great way to explore the city on your trip, you should rent a cycle as it is the easiest way to travel around the neighbourhood in the city. The canal city has symbolic bike lanes on the right side of the road which is marked and it is advised:

  • Never drive on footpaths
  • Don’t stop in the middle of bike lane
  • Give side to other cyclists
  • No photograph in the middle of the main road
  • Stay Protected and Prepared for any Emergencies with Travel Insurance

Emergencies can happen at any point in time and the best way to stay protected is by getting travel insurance. This can shell you out from the expensive hospital treatment. You must remember the emergency number of Amsterdam to call for doctor service.

  • Maintain a Balance in Your Cash and Card

There is a standard charge across the currency conversion and transaction costs. It is best to carry cash if you are eating street food or going shopping. You must buy passes to cover your expense for exploring attractions. You must buy the sightseeing ticket beforehand online as it will negate to carry cash all the time.