Places to visit near and around pune

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Beaches near Pune – Varsoli

Distance from Pune: 64.1 km

Attraction: varsoli beach

Beaches near Pune – Vengurla

Distance from Pune: 394 km

Attraction: shri rameshwar temple, shri mauli

Beaches near Pune – Tarkarli

Distance from Pune: 388 km

Attraction: tarkarli beach

Beaches near Pune – Shrivardhan

Distance from Pune: 159 km

Attraction: diveagar, harihareshwar, shankar temple

Beaches near Pune – Palghar

Distance from Pune: 241 km

Attraction: ram temple, kelva fort, kelva beach, manor

Beaches near Pune – Kelshi

Distance from Pune: 191 km

Attraction: naturally formed sand dune, mahalakshmi temple