Places to visit near and around pune

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Temples near Pune – Ketkawale

Distance from Pune: 43.4 km

Attraction: lord balaji temple

Temples near Pune – Ramdara

Distance from Pune: 40 km

Attraction: ramdara temple, amusement parks, wild rides

Temples near Pune – Baneshwar

Distance From Pune : 35 Kms

Attraction: Forest conserve area, Bird Sanctuary, Baneshwar Temple

Temples near Pune – Parbhani

Distance From Pune : 318 Kms

Attraction: Shree Mohta Maruti temple, Shree Supari Hanuman Mandir, Ashtbhuja mandir, Pardeshwar temple, Beleshwar Temple, Naag Temple, Darg of Hazarat Turabul Haq Shah

Temples near Pune-Ganpatipule

Distance From Pune : 313 Kms

Attraction: Ganpatipule Beach, 400 years old Ganpati image, nearby places such as Velneshwar, Ratnagiri, Malgund, Light House

Temples near Pune – Tuljapur

Distance From Pune : 290 Kms

Attraction: Tulja Bhavani fair, Tulja Bhavani Temple, Pandharapura, Dharashiv Caves, Naldurg Fort