cities close to the nature in the United Kingdom

The prevalent perception of large cities in the UK may be that they are unclean, polluted with fumes, jammed with traffic, crowded, noisy, and otherwise unsuitable as a vacation location for those who love the outdoors. They fail to realize that unexpected beauty is waiting to enchant visitors with the discovery of nature parks, stargazing locations, areas of outstanding natural beauty, National Trust sites, encounters with rare animals, and endless opportunities for hiking or biking where you breathe only fresh air. In this article, we will discuss 5 best cities close to the nature in the United Kingdom.


One of England’s iconic ocean cities, Plymouth has long served as a hub for shipping, initially for trade and commercial ships and now as a Royal Navy station. Devonport Dockyard in the city is in fact the largest naval facility in Western Europe. Living in Plymouth is excellent for individuals who love the ocean but still want to be close to the city as it is one of the cities close to nature in the United Kingdom as well. Residents in Plymouth enjoy a truly superb way of life. The city makes a perfect home for everyone thanks to a variety of fantastic local transportation options, affordable housing, and a variety of enjoyable activities. You will get cheap all inclusive holidays for Plymouth in your budget when some deals are available.


The UK’s “best city to live in” according to both wealth and happiness was Bristol. With its particular combination of stunning historical buildings, picturesque waterfront views, and majestic landmarks, Bristol is one of Britain’s most beautiful towns and also one of the best cities with natural landscapes in the UK. Bristol is in its class; when you stroll around the city center, you’ll see the city’s profusion of spectacular structures, vibrant culture, first-rate nightlife, and proximity to the lively outdoors. Many students who come to Bristol to study realize they never want to leave because the people are so welcoming. Due to housing costs that are about nine times greater than income, Bristol is one of the most expensive cities in the UK to live in.


No matter how long you want to stay, Birmingham is one of the most visitor-friendly towns and offers a variety of enjoyable activities. It does not have the shipping and shipping from abroad is the only option, though, as it has no own port. The city is known as the birthplace of heavy metal and has more than 50 festivals each year, so there is always something to do or interesting locations to see. For quality of life, it is currently in the top third in the UK.


Southampton is renowned for its fantastic student life and modern amenities, which make it a bustling city with arts, music, entertainment, sports, and relaxing green spaces. It is a seaside community with a wonderful park, lovely locations to explore, top-notch social amenities, lots of places to shop, eat, and party, as well as an intriguing history to learn about. It has been named the friendliest city in the UK and is well known for its natural beauty, marine heritage, and cultural features.


The city came out on top in every survey category, including how hospitable the city is, how kind the people are, how courteous the people are, safety, area upkeep, trust, happiness, and gossip. Early on, the town was primarily an agricultural hub. Wolverhampton’s outdoor market, which features purpose-built cabins and traditional booths, has been revitalized and modernized, making shopping there one of the best things to do while visiting the City Center. It is cherished for being one of the lovely rural cities in the UK to live, within convenient driving distance of various neighborhood business centers.