Information on Best pubs in Pune – Firangi Paani

Firangi pani as the name suggests is an inevitable English bar and is one of the best pubs in Pune. The interior decoration, design and the imperial ambience invoke the feeling of being in a high class British joint. In addition to a host of features which make the place ideal for an exquisite experience, Polynesian cocktais are what Firangi Pani is famous for besides their different varieties of scotches, wines, licquers and beers.  The martinis and marguerites served there will transport you to an abode of bliss. The menu at Firangi Pani again is a choicest pick of the most delicious meals from across the world, like Tibetan Chicken Momos, Hummus and Pita bread and lots of other savoury dishes. The pub hosts Karaoke nights and the music is all set to go along with the colonial magnetism of the place. It is the perfect place to be, especially for those who are looking for a well-deserved break from a hectic day’s work. This place never fails to provide its customers with the best services and provides its customers with a one-lf-kind experience. This is what makes the place a perfect take away. Firangi Pani is open from 12:00 PM to 11:30 PM.


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