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best places to stay in Pune
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Top 5 Best Places to Stay in Pune

Pune, also known as the Oxford of the East, is a vibrant and bustling city in Maharashtra, India. It is a city rich in culture and history known for its famous educational institutions, IT hubs, and thriving business centers.  The city caters to the needs of different types of travelers, whether you are visiting for …

things to do in Las Vegas
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Things to do in Las Vegas with Family

So, are you up for an exciting vacation with your family? Las Vegas is a place which is exceptional in itself! This is one of the most highlighted cities in the world, primarily known for shopping, gambling, entertainment and especially nightlife. This is a leading commercial and cultural city. Here is the list of things to …

spend lonely time
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How to Spend Lonely Time When You Are in Pune

Well, nothing could be more interesting than spending some time with yourself. You can do everything you want and the best way to treat yourself is by going out and explore your surroundings. If you live in Pune or visiting it for couple of days, then you can hardly run out of options. There are …

List of Top 10 Marathi Songs
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List of Top 10 Marathi Songs Ever

Thanks to our friends- Milind Bhandari(Pune), Sumit Mhaske(Pune), Somnath Jadhav(Pune) and Shraddha(Goa) for helping us compile the list of top 10 Marathi Songs. What satiates you the most? Music is an inevitable part of our lives irrespective of occasion, language and frame of mind. Soothing music satiates us and it doesn’t necessarily one need to …