Anjarle beach
Information on Beaches near Pune – Anjarle

Place Description:

  • Anjarle has one of the finest beaches in the Konkan region of Maharahtra. Anjarle beach is said to be breathtakingly beautiful. The beach is about two km long and located near the estuary of the river Jog. Anjarle in itself is an untouched and unspoilt place about 25 km from Dapoli. It is scenic and surrounded by lush greenery. The coastline of the beach is also smooth. Overall, the blue waters and the white sand create a pristine feel to the place and the ambience is perfect for a getaway.
  • There are many tourist places near Dapoli. For example, there is the Suvarnadurg Fort which is architecturally beautiful and a fascinating place to visit. There is also the Parshuram temple which is a must see place for the spiritual traveller.
  • One of the places to visit near Dapoli is the Ganesh temple on cliff also known as Kadyawarcha Ganpati. It is one of the most visited places in the Konkan region. Originally this temple was constructed with wooden pillars. The Ganpati idol is a right-trunked Ganpati called “Ujwya Sondecha Ganpati” which is very rare to find. This idol is also regarded as jagrut daiwat which means that the deity responds to people’s pleas. This is one of the reasons as to why pilgrims visit this place during Ganpati festival every year. A bridge has been constructed to avail car facility to the temple. From the temple the white sand beach and the thick coconut tree plantation and other plantations, Suvarnadurg Fort and the hills surrounding the places are visible thus adding to the place’s beauty.
  • The tourism facilities in this place are limited but the main attraction is formed due to the unspoiled beach. Anjarle beach resorts are available for accommodation in this area. One could also stay in the nearby locations of Dapoli, Harnai, Murud, Ladghar or Karde.
  • Anjarle is also slowly providing options of water sports to attract more tourists. Dapoli water sports cater to the adventurous tourist. In that case, people get the best of both worlds. They can avail privacy and relaxation in the Anjarle beach, as well as have the time of their lives doing water sports in Dapoli which are very near to each other.

Places to Visit:

  • Anjarle beach is by far the biggest draw for travellers to come to Anjarle. It is secluded and almost hidden from the outside world. Its natural beauty is unparalleled.
  • The Ganesh Temple is said to be home to a ‘jagrut daiwat’ meaning that Lord Ganapati at this temple responds to people’s pleas. The idol is also very rare to come by. All in all, if one is in the region, the place should be visited.
  • Suvarnadurg Fort is a historical place standing the test of time. Those who want to explore must head out to this ancient fort and get to know the past better.

Distance from Pune: 196 km

Attraction: Anjarle beach, Ganesh temple

Restaurants and Hotels: Greengate Resort Harihareshwar, BAWA HOTEL AND RESORT.

Medical facilities near By: P H C Anjarle Hospital, Dr. Wafa Mukadam Hospital, Dr. Sandesh B Talathhi Hospital.

Route Description: Map will help to reach Anjarle from Pune:

Anjarle Beach Map

Emergency Contact: Harnai Police Station, located at Bazar Mohalla, Harnai, Maharashtra 415713.