most expensive cities of Italy

Although housing, transportation, and communication prices might differ significantly between places, the north of Italy is often more expensive than the south. Depending on the region of the country you relocate to, the typical cost of living in Italy will seem very different. However, in general, if you prefer the fast-paced city life that you will find in Milan or Rome, you should plan on slightly higher spending. Regardless of where in the globe you want to reside, rent will take up a considerable portion of your money. In Italy, you can anticipate high rent prices in the major cities, but very affordable rent prices in the countryside. In this article, we will brief you about the top five most expensive cities of Italy.

1. Milan

Milan is one of the costliest cities in Italy, although it ranks just 10th in terms of cost of living throughout all of Europe. The Italian city is made up of historical, cultural, and architectural landmarks as well as unique fashion and culinary scenes. Food and drink are thought to be pricey in Milan. Milan is generally extremely expensive, yet there are some affordable locations if you know where to look. The Lanterna restaurant listed as number one is a popular hangout for locals, however dinnertime prices are significantly higher than lunchtime prices.

2. Florence

Florence makes a lot more money from tourists than most major European towns, making it far more expensive than nearby cities and having an impact on politics, culture, and the arts. It’s really difficult to locate a store in Florence that won’t cost you a lung; there are tourist traps on every corner, making life there quite expensive. Although most of them are of good quality, they are all pricey.

3. Genoa

The best thing to do in Genoa is to stroll through the largest historic city centre in Europe. Genoa is the ideal combination of tranquil life, outdoor activities, seashore, culture, and Italian cuisine if you enjoy these things. The amount you spend there is significantly influenced by your priorities, the things you decide to save up for, and the things you decide to buy with your money. The rents, like in the rest of Italy, are typically the most expensive part of living expenses in Genoa.

4. Rome

Due in part to its abundance of tourist attractions, Rome is one of the most costly tourist destinations in southern Europe. This being said, it all depends on how much or how little you want to spend on things like meals, lodging, etc. once you have set aside a budget for the multitude of tourist attractions that await you. Rome offers a robust network of buses, trams, and subways that will let you navigate the city with ease which will help to reduce transportation costs and also the hotel prices must be high because Rome is one of the most visited cities in Europe, hotels there are typically more expensive than in other Southern European towns and it is one of the high priced cities in Italy.

5. Bologna

However, Bologna is still inexpensive when compared to well-known Italian towns like Rome, Florence, Milan, or Venice but it’s still considered as one of the most expensive cities in Italy. The majority of the time, food is inexpensive. Bologna is Italy’s culinary capital, reigning supreme in a nation known for its cuisine. Simply put, eating here is among the top things to do in Bologna and you must know where to find affordable places for that. The expenses for renting a room in Bologna for three hundred euros per month. A pub meal costs between ten and twelve euros. Less than one thousand euros a month will support your needs. Therefore, you need at least twelve thousand to get by for a year.