most expensive cities of Malaysia

The cost of living in Malaysia is really inexpensive, even if you decide to live in its most costly city. This makes it a fantastic location for many expats, particularly retirees trying to keep their costs as low as possible. If you carefully plan your vacation, Malaysia is a travel destination that is reasonably priced. Expect rates to be higher than in Thailand, Vietnam, or Cambodia, but if you know where to go, you may still find affordable food and lodging. The average cost of food in Malaysia is RM64 per day, though meal costs might vary. An average dinner in Malaysia should cost about RM26 per person when dining out, according to the spending patterns of prior visitors. In this article, we will guide you about the top five most expensive cities of Malaysia.

1. Kuala Lumpur

Despite recent price increases, Kuala Lumpur is now ranked as the 188th most expensive city in the world and one of the most expensive cities of Malaysia. The estimated monthly cost of living for a single individual in Kuala Lumpur is RM3,262. Kuala Lumpur can be as affordable or as pricey as you choose. Things are not quite as inexpensive as they once were due to the weak pound. Brands are typically more expensive abroad than at home, but local goods are less expensive. Usually, it is sufficient to allow between £50-100 per day for lunch, supper, beverages, snacks, sights, simple shopping, getting around, and transportation.

2. George Town

George Town’s chaotic streets welcome you with an eclectic mix of cultures, which is what makes it so fascinating to explore. Beautiful mosques and temples can be seen all around this lovely area, which also has skyscrapers and shopping centres vying for real estate with historic colonial structures and nearby Malay structures. The cost of tuition at Georgetown University for the upcoming academic year is $57,384. This costs 92% more than the average private non-profit four-year college tuition in the country, which is $29,826. On our Expensive 100 Ranking, Georgetown University is ranked as the 36th most expensive college in America and one of the costliest cities in Malaysia.

3. Malacca

This lovely city is naturally a well-liked tourist destination in Malaysia because of its bustling night market and diverse selection of foods. Malacca’s cost of living is $530 on average. Hostel rooms may be had for as little as 23 MR, and decent budget hotels can be had for as little as 70 MR. The cuisine in this stunning city is truly fantastic. The cheapest items on the menu at many Malacca restaurants cost around 4MR, although this also depends on how opulently you wish to splurge.

4. Ipoh

Ipoh, one of  most well-known and high priced cities in Malaysia, is also well-known for its customs, culture, and employment prospects that attract foreigners seeking jobs and further education students. However, the average cost of living in Ipoh is $213 for a bachelor, $211 for students, and $385 for families. The city is well-known in Malaysia for its Ipoh white coffee, which is made by roasting coffee beans with margarine made from palm oil and serving the resulting beverage with condensed milk. Ipoh is renowned for its fresh fruit as well.

5. Kota Kinabalu

Without rent, a family of four is expected to spend $1,808 (8,078RM) per month. Without rent, the projected monthly expenses for a single individual are $498 (2,223RM). Kota Kinabalu, a vibrant and bustling vacation spot in Malaysia, is one of the most delightful locations to live in all of Asia. With beaches and rainforests, this location’s visual beauty is breath taking, and the wide variety of adventure activities available make the trip not only fun but also quite exciting.