most expensive cities of Japan

The reason Japan is so expensive is that they concentrate on premium goods and commodities. They can concentrate their resources on making investments that transform their cities into fantastic ones because they have a robust economy and administration. Their people are paid well because their economy is robust. As one of the most expensive nations in the world, Japan may be if you spend a lot of time travelling, dining out, and staying in hotels. Travelling in such a manner may easily cost you more than $200 USD every day. In this article, we will discuss top five most expensive cities of Japan.

1. Tokyo

In Japan, Tokyo is the most desired destination. The fact that it is at the centre of everything means that it is expensive in terms of lodging, dining, and transportation. Tokyo is without a doubt the most costly city in Japan, and some would even argue that it is the most expensive city in the entire globe. You pay about ¥250,000 per month for a one-bedroom apartment, whereas ¥400,000 per month is typical for a three-bedroom apartment. Around ¥22,000 per month will also be spent on utilities. You are spending approximately ¥300,000 per month for a one-bedroom location overall.

2. Minato

With an average annual income of twelve million per person, Minato is the wealthiest ward in Japan. In all of Tokyo, Minato City boasts the greatest number of facilities and services geared toward foreigners. Many institutions, including international supermarkets, English-speaking hospitals, and international schools, are a welcome convenience for foreign residents. Along with numerous significant company offices both domestically and abroad, there are also more than eighty foreign embassies and consulates.

3. Shibuya

A seven-day vacation to Shibuya costs, on average, one thousand seven hundred and sixty dollars for a single tourist. It is three thousand one hundred and sixty-one dollars for a couple, and five thousand nine hundred and twenty-six dollars for a family of four. Hotels in Shibuya cost between sixty dollars and three hundred and eighty dollars per night on average. the  majority of vacation rentals run between one hundred and twenty dollars and four hundred and twenty dollars per night for the whole house. Shibuya’s more localised sections share its general reputation as Japan’s fashion capital and is one of the most expensive cities of Japan.

4. Miyazaki

Miyazaki has a $1042 average monthly cost of living; some prices for goods and services there are determined by crowdsourcing. In Japan, Miyazaki Prefecture is a very popular travel destination since it contains a lot of onsens, and resorts, and is a great area for surfing. The place is known for selling mangoes at a higher price because of the cultivating efforts, and Miyazaki is one of the costliest cities in Japan.

 5. Nermia

In Nermia, a one-bedroom apartment costs ¥140,000 per month, and a three-bedroom residence costs ¥220,000 per month. There are certain advantages to living in a major city, like utilities only cost about ¥10,000 per month. However, the cost of meals is slightly higher here; a typical lunch would run you about ¥1,200 and Nermia is known as one of the highest priced cities in Japan.

These were the top five most expensive cities of Japan mentioned above which are Tokyo, Minato, Shibuya, Miyazaki and Nermia. The cost of living is almost three times higher in Japan than it is in the US. The cost of living is substantially higher in the major cities than it is in the more rural area. Japan is one of the ten most expensive places to live.