Beautiful Lakes and Rivers near Pune

Pune is one of the fast pacing urban city in India, it has a lot of buildings, night clubs, mall, and other estates too but it is a city which has incredible flora around it. It has a lot of greenery around the city which includes many beautiful lakes, rivers which make us feel very close to Mother Nature.

So, here are Top 6 Beautiful Lakes and Rivers near Pune to visit with family and friends:

1. Jambhulwadi Lake

If you are stressed with coping with the urban lifestyle of the city and you want a small change, then Jambhulwadi Lake is a great choice for this. The lake is situated near a village named Ambegaon in the Pune which has a very serene and peaceful environment. You can come here with your friends or family to have a small picnic near the lake. But if you enjoy the water activities, then the place has it all as there are water sports activities organized here daily so that you can enjoy the experience of the blue waters more closely.

2. Manas Lake

Want to plan a date with your partner at a serene and beautiful place? Then, one of the lakes near Pune which is Manas Lake can be one of your dream destinations which is very close to the city. The place is very popular among the citizens of Pune along with people outside the city. It is filled with very beautiful flora all around which makes you feel you are not in an urban city. The splendid weather will surely fill you with more love for your partner. It is a part of the Manas Resort which is a favorite destination of staycation for many people around the city. So you can plan a proper date with your partner by enjoying the winsome environment near the lake with a few days’ stay at the Resort.

3. Pashan Lake

Another, one of the beautiful Lakes and rivers near Pune is the Pashan Lake. The place is one of the most popular spots among the people and it is surprising to know it is a manmade lake which was built in the era of British rule in India. The inlet of the lake is from a very small rivulet named Ram Nadi. The lake is surrounded with so pretty plants and trees which make the complete view so breathtaking and relaxing. You will surely forget all the worries of your life when you first see the view near the lake. It is a great attraction for professional photographers and painters, they capture the beautiful scenery of the lake to cherish them for a lifetime. The place is a must-visit for sure!

4. Bhima River

Bhima River is one of the rivers near Pune. The beautiful place is an eye-catcher for many tourists and other people in the city also. It is said to be one of the major rivers in Western India and South India. The river has the famous Ujjani Dam, which creates one of the largest backwaters in India. You can come with your friends and family for a small picnic and you may get a chance to see a huge flock of very alluring flamingos near the river. The sight will be sure breathtaking!

5. Mutha River

Mutha river is around 20Km from the Pune. It is a great place to visit if you are planning a small outing with your friends and family outside the city. The Mutha River merges to Mula River to join the Bhima River. The place is filled with the flora around it, which gives a very peaceful experience near Mother Nature. The river has one of the famous Khadakwasla Lake, which is a great attraction spot for many couples, sketchers, and photographers. It is one of Beautiful Lakes and rivers near Pune. The pleasing and bewildering view of the sunset from this place is to die for. The place gives you very positive energy and keeps you away from stress for a long time even after the visit.

So, these all were one of the most eminent and splendid lakes and rivers to visit once in your lifetime near the city of Pune. You will feel the magic of Mother Nature at its best among all these places and will cherish all the moments spent here with your loved ones.