essential items to carry when travelling with a baby

Every parent wants the best for their children and make sure that they are cared for and comfortable at all times. If you are a parent, then you also must be feeling the same and especially so when you and your family move out of your safe space i.e. travel outside your house or city. Travelling with a baby may seem very daunting at first but it’s actually quite simple if you plan and pack properly and in advance. So here is a list of essential items to carry when travelling with a baby so that you have a comfortable trip.


Sanitizers have been the most essential item to carry when travelling with a baby even before the pandemic hit us. Clipping a sanitizer bottle to your handbag where it is easily reachable at all times will help you to quickly clean your hands and the baby’s hand before you tend to them.


Changing diapers is a very routine baby care while travelling. Therefore, keeping diapers handy at all times is one of the most important tips for travelling with a baby. Make sure to carry enough and more diapers with you because you never know when you might need them.

Disposable Bags:

Having a stash of disposable bags is one of the most important essential items to carry when you are travelling with a baby unless you want to be stuck with a smelly diaper. You may not always be in the vicinity of a dustbin while you are travelling, hence having disposable bags to store used diapers or any other waste will help you to stay neat during your trip.

Baby Wipes:

Baby wipes are as important as diapers and therefore make sure that you have more than enough of it before embarking on your journey. Baby wipes are a life savior when you don’t have access to a washroom near you. Not only will it help you while you change diapers but also help you generally clean up your baby after feeding or playing. Keeping things clean and hygienic for your baby should always be a priority.

Baby clothes & Swaddles:

Wet and soiled clothes are not just unhygienic but can also cause the baby to be become irritable. Therefore having enough change of clothes for your baby will help you to keep them neat and comfortable. Carrying a few swaddles will help you in multiple ways. They can be used as a sheet on which you can lay your baby down, or wrap them up to comfort them or block the light coming from the window while your baby sleeps. It can also be used as a cover while you are breastfeeding.

Feeding Essentials:

When you are travelling with your baby, you may not always be in a situation where you can breastfeed your child. So, depending on your baby’s feeding habits, you should always carry a bottle with milk or carry the formula packets which you can easily use if you do not have access to milk.

Baby carrier:

A baby carrier will allow you to keep your baby safe and secure while moving. You may encounter stairs or a crowd while getting down or hopping on a bus or a train. In such situations, a baby carrier will ensure that your baby is comfortable and keep your hands free so that you can travel seamlessly.


Pacifiers are an essential item for some babies. It helps to distract them from an unpleasant situation and also makes them calm down when they are fussy. Most babies can become cranky during take-off or landing due to the change in air pressure.  Sucking on a pacifier during this time can be helpful in reducing the ear pain that we experience during this time. If your baby has trouble falling asleep in a new place then a pacifier may be used to put them to sleep.

First Aid Kit:

Preparing for unforeseen situations is always better than ending up in some kind of emergency especially while you’re travelling. Packing a mini first aid kit containing lotions, creams and syrups that your baby might need is necessary. Since you will be going to a new place, it may so happen that your baby may end up with a mild cough or diarrhea and hence packing a few general medications for the same will help you avoid tough situations.

Toys & Books:

Travelling and exploring new places is fun for adults, but don’t forget to make sure that your baby is having fun too. Carrying a favorite book or toy will not just distract your baby but also keep them happy. Having a happy baby for company while you travel will make your vacation even better.

Travelling with a baby does not always have to be stressful. Pre planning and packing the essential items according to the above mentioned list goes a long way in having an enjoyable trip with your baby.